Sunday, April 25, 2010

Meaning to Life?

I walk upon this earthly ground
And seldom ponder life
That we should all come once by birth
And then to one day die.
What is this middle ground here for?
That chasm ‘tween birth and death?
A fraction of time, a group of seconds
Until eternal rest.
Should I say what skeptics say,
that this is all there is?
Or should I look to human kind
To explain this vast abyss?
Can a God out there exist who finds
Pure joy in knowing me?
And what does that imply for life
And all humanity?
I don’t think I like this questioning,
These thoughts of life and death
It’s easier to live inside my box,
That doesn’t ponder eternal rest.
But if I ignore that it exists,
It does not go away,
In fact the day grows closer still
That I begin decay.
So should I think about these things,
And decide what I want to be true,
For deep inside I know that I
Was meant to live for you.

Ok, so this poem is not about me, but I wanted to write something about someone who was struggling with the polar opposite views the world has to offer:
1. Meaning in life is only what we decide to create out of ourselves
2. Meaning in life exists for us to find - a truth that has to be accepted or uncovered. 

Thanks be to God that I know the Truth, and it has set me free! ~Karen

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