Sunday, December 12, 2010


Our new little blessing was born just 10 days ago.  This picture was taken just seconds after he was born.  Notice how his fingers are interlaced with one another.  The nurse said she had never seen that before.  I marveled at this little miracle, and wondered about the man he will become.

His hands foreshadowed the interlocking of our lives, woven together over time and shared with one another intimately.  Sometimes the fingers slide seamlessly together, interlocking in unity and love.  Other times, the fingers may chafe each other, unable to find their perfect fit.  How will this little one's hands fit into the fabric of our family?  Will he find peace and comfort and security?  His little hands fold as if in prayer, and I pray with him.

Many years ago, another child was born, and He too would foreshadow an interlocking of life.  His hands would hold the power to heal, and to comfort.  They would intertwine with those who believed in Him.  His hands would fold in prayer to His Heavenly Father, and beg for the cup to be taken from Him.  His palms would be pierced, and arms spread wide across a wooden post.  He did not find peace and comfort and security. 

Yet his hands still beg us to come, to interlock our lives with Him - to be united with a Heavenly family.  As we lace our fingers into His hands - the ones with the scars of eternal love etched into their palms - we find peace, comfort and security.  We find our Family.  We find our Father. We are born again.