Monday, November 3, 2008


A few months ago, I began to start a list of resolutions - similar to what Johnathan Edwards had done (In fact, I borrowed a few of them). I post it here, as a reminder for me to uphold them. I probably fail on at least one of them daily, but transformation does not happen overnight, otherwise Paul wouldn't have used the term "renewing of your minds" but rather a "changed" mind. The term "renewing" alone seems to suggest more of a process than an event. It is the continual adaptation of our minds to the will of the Father. The list below is ever changing. Just as the brook follows the path set out for it, and tumbles over boulders to keep it's pace, so my journey of transformation seems to quicken at times and slow at times, falling and tripping over life's rocky points and boulders.

The Resolutions of Karen Gill
Knowing that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and that no good comes from me, but from the Spirit, I humbly present the following resolutions in order to guide myself through discipline into that behavior which reflects the grace of God and brings others closer to Him.

1. I will love the Lord my God with all my heart, soul and mind
2. I will pursue a relationship with God above all other things in life
3. I will spend time reading or hearing God’s word daily
4. I will pray throughout each day
5. I will end each day reflecting on what was good and what was bad, repenting of any sin or behavior which does not reflect the fruit of the spirit.
6. I will exhibit the fruit of the spirit
7. I will speak highly of my children and husband
8. I will speak highly of others, and remain silent if no good comments can be made
9. I will raise my children in the fear and admonition of the Lord
10. I will instruct my children with reality discipline and encouragement
11. I will serve others who need my service, joyfully, without personal gain
12. I will do things for the glory of God, and not for prideful ambition
13. I will be honest with myself and with others
14. When tempted to judge others, I will think of my own sinful state, and remember that I am a foul sinner, but by the Grace of God.
15. I will joyfully acknowledge God before others, and encourage them to assess the state of their soul, so they may share in my inheritance, and redeem themselves from judgment.
16. I will live each moment as if I may be facing judgment in front of God in the next hour
17. I will do what is right in the eyes of God, even when it may not be favorable in the eyes of man
18. I will maintain the strictest temperance in regards to eating and drinking
19. I will use the resources God has given me, such as money, abilities, time, etc. through good stewardship, knowing that they belong to the Lord, and I am just a watchman.
20. I will treat my body as a temple of the Holy Spirit. I will not speak poorly of that which God has created, but endeavor to use my body for God’s glory. I will pursue those behaviors which respect the body as God’s possession, building it up for longevity and enabling it to physically serve God’s mission even to old age.
21. I will stop complaining, and instead praise God.
22. I will memorize at least one new verse every week.

May God grant me the strength, endurance and wisdom to faithfully follow Him in righteousness. ~ Karen

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  1. Hey Karen! Thanks for putting your thoughts down and encouraging others to do the same.